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The Top 5 Reasons Passengers Choose Flying Privately Over First-Class

Author: Outlier Jets Team
The Top 5 Reasons Passengers Choose Flying Privately Over First-Class
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Travel by private airplane is growing rapidly in popularity. This is because programs like traditional chartering services, empty leg flights, enticing membership programs, and flexible private aviation solutions (like jet cards) have made private flights more accessible to a wider range of travelers

The face of private air travel is changing drastically as more diverse passengers choose to fly privately. This may contradict the stereotypical picture of millionaires and rock stars drinking champagne on a private plane, but luxury is no longer a top reason for travelers to utilize private jets. According to industry polls, luxury doesn’t even break the top 5 reasons! So why are so many passengers today deciding that a private jet is the right option for them?

1. Unmatched Travel Safety

As COVID-19 cases rose and public health experts warned against large crowds, travelers became wary of populated airports. Now, commercial airlines continue to suffer as public hesitancy and travel restrictions remain in place.

The fear of travelling through large airports, however, is justified. It has been calculated that each passenger traveling on a commercial flight has contact with an average of 700 “touch points” (commonly touched surfaces). In contrast, through the entire private jet travel experience, you may only come into contact with as few as 20 “touch points”. This is a substantial difference when trying to remain safe and healthy.

Passengers on private aircraft have the advantage of using private terminals (where there are no large crowds) and encounter far fewer security checkpoints (which are often points of contagion). By choosing to fly privately, you can minimize health risks during your journey more effectively than with any other form of travel. This has elevated personal and family safety to the top of the list of reasons to travel by private jet.

2. Less Stress with More Flexibility

How many times have you had anxiety about missing your flight while frantically trying to finish up your last minute to-do list? Getting to the airport on time, checking your luggage, and crowd-surfing through security is one of the most stressful experiences out there. According to recent polls, more than half of all travelers experience some form of “airport anxiety” when preparing for a trip.

Flying privately, however, can alleviate many of the stresses associated with travelling. For example, you can avoid the long check-in lines because your luggage is taken directly to the aircraft when you arrive at the FBO or private hangar. Departure is also extremely flexible with most providers providing the ability to fly any hour or time of day you wish. There is no need to worry about missing a flight because you are in constant communication with your flight team. You can easily request extra time if you are running late!

Private jets can land at smaller airports, so you can reach many destinations that are impossible to visit with commercial flights. This convenience can save you both time and money. In addition, you can fly to multiple cities in a single day. The flexibility to travel when and where you want with ease has an increasing number of passengers considering private jet options.

The Top 5 Reasons So Many Travelers are Choosing to Fly Private

  • 1. Unmatched Travel Safety
  • 2. Less Stress with More Flexibility
  • 3. The Value of Time
  • 4. Enjoy the Comfort and Connection
  • 5. Pet Friendly

3. The Value of Time

What is the greatest luxury provided by your private jet? The answer is not something material, like an entertainment system or niceties such as fine wine, but rather something you cannot afford to lose or replace - time. 

Private aircraft can climb faster and fly higher than other aircraft in order to take advantage of better winds and avoid severe weather. They also have access to more than 5,000 airports worldwide, allowing you to travel efficiently without unnecessary transfers and connections. 

Private jets are not tied to the same “hub and spoke networks” used by commercial airlines. This means, instead of using direct-route flights, commercial airlines must have their flights routed through a “hub” or central airport. With a private jet, if you have enough fuel capacity to reach your destination, you can always fly direct to your end destination. 

By eliminating layovers and giving you access to more destinations, flying privately gives you more time to spend with friends and family. Therefore, more passengers are choosing to value their own time by skipping commercial flights and taking a private jet.

4. Enjoy the Comfort and Connection

While the landscape of private aviation is constantly in flux, some things never change. Privacy and comfort remain an important reason passengers chose to fly privately. Private aircraft typically have spacious cabins with comfortable seats to ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed. With the freedom to move around a  cabin, you can avoid uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. Many jet owners also elect to install a comfortable bed onboard, giving you the ability to arrive well rested after a flight. 

In addition, food preparation is more careful and involved than on a commercial flight. Even small details, like better tasting coffee on private flights, makes a big difference for the comfort level or passengers.

Flying privately also affords you the privacy and equipment you need to address your professional needs. With reliable communication systems you can often manage meetings and calls with the same effectiveness as on the ground. Strong Wi-Fi connection ensures that you can stay connected to the world, even as you fly 35,000 feet above it.

5. Pet Friendly

It is not easy leaving your pets for a long period of time while traveling and it’s even more difficult trying to bring your pet through a commercial airport. Flying privately makes the whole process simple, just bring your pet onboard with you! 

While the temperature, pressure, and oxygen are regulated in the cargo area, they are not monitored to the same degree as in the cabin. The Humane Society of the United States warns that some animals are killed, injured or lost on commercial flights each year. Therefore, many travelers appreciate that private jets give them the option to bring their pet on board with them. This makes the travel experience less stressful for the owner and the pet.

Flying by private jet is an unparalleled travel experience that provides wide ranging and diverse benefits. 

Fortunately, there are numerous new options that help make the private jet experience more affordable to a wider group of passengers. You can start exploring your options today and take your travel experience to a whole new level.


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