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Supplemental Lift for Private Jet Owners: What are the Benefits?

Author: Outlier Jets Team
Supplemental Lift for Private Jet Owners: What are the Benefits?
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Private jet ownership can be a luxury that offers immense benefits, including convenience, flexibility, and comfort. However, private jet owners often face the challenge of making their ownership experience more cost-effective and efficient. Private jet owners can explore alternative solutions, such as supplemental lift, to address this challenge.

Supplemental lift refers to the use of alternative aircraft or air charter services when the owner's private jet is not available or not ideal for a particular flight. This approach offers several benefits to private jet owners, such as reducing the number of flights taken and traveling more efficiently.

  1. Cost saving

    By only using their private jet when it is most suitable, owners can minimize the cost of operating and maintaining their aircraft. Furthermore, by utilizing other aircraft or charter services, they can minimize the time their private jet spends in maintenance, ensuring that it remains in top condition and ready for use when needed. For example, an owner's plane may be based in Chicago, and a family member is visiting from California. Instead of sending the aircraft out to CA, simply utilizing a charter from CA to IL can be a much more efficient and cost-effective option. This eliminates the need for the owner to personally fly the aircraft across the country or leave it in CA until they are ready to return home.
  2. Flexibility

    With the ability to choose from various alternative aircraft or air charter services, private jet owners can select the most appropriate option for their particular needs, whether a larger or smaller aircraft, or one with specific features and amenities. For instance, an owner with a propeller aircraft or a Honda Jet that needs 8 or 9 seats can utilize a larger aircraft to accommodate their needs. On the other hand, an owner may have a Gulfstream heavy jet, but they only require transportation for 1 or 2 passengers on a shorter mission. Instead of utilizing the heavy jet and placing cycles on the engines for such a short trip, using a light jet can be a more economical and environmentally-friendly option.
  3. Convenience

    The supplemental lift also offers peace of mind for private jet owners. By having access to alternative aircraft or air charter services, owners can ensure that their travel plans are not disrupted by unexpected maintenance issues or other problems with their private jet. This provides a backup option that can help ensure that their flights are never canceled or delayed, and that they can always get where they need to go.

While owning and operating an aircraft can be a source of pride and provide a certain level of convenience, there are many situations where supplemental lift may be the best option. With the flexibility and convenience that comes with chartering, aircraft owners can focus on their travel needs without worrying about the costs and maintenance of their own aircraft.


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