What is outlier?

Your ideas are more than dreams. They separate you from almost everyone else. Your choices are unique. You cherish each moment of your life because it matters. You are an Outlier - one who isn’t afraid to stand apart.

Our network of clients and members choose to trust us with their family, their business, and their time. Together, we can do more than simply execute travel arrangements; we can assist you in shaping your travel experience into everything you could have wished for and more. At Outlier Jets, we exist purely to help our passengers fly safely, travel intelligently, and learn to enjoy every minute of life.

Fly Outlier, and Don’t miss out on a thing

Our members are unique and have diverse needs. However, all have one thing in common a deep appreciation of their own time and privacy. Our team understands the value of time. This is why we are constantly finding innovative ways to ensure members enjoy their travel experience and never miss out on making memories with loved ones. Outlier Jets has become the industry choice for discerning travelers and true Outliers; we listen as well as focus intently on what our members need and prefer.

Genuine Outliers

Outlier Personalized Service

We take every interaction with Outlier members seriously. Excellent communication with our members allows us to strive for custom-made experiences without ever offering “cookie-cutter” or pre-determined solutions. The relationships we build with our members help to separate Outlier from the large crowd of private jet providers.

Who do we serve?

Our members come from diverse backgrounds; yet all have a clear mission...to reappropriate how they spend their time. Instead of factoring hours and days into the “lost” column due to life’s inefficiencies, our members choose to funnel the fleeting commodity of time into the moments that matter the most with family and friends. Recognizing the value of time, family, and friends is essential to our relationship with each member, whether we are facilitating a single passenger movement to large 1,000+ passenger movements or even more complex missions (IPO roadshows, multi-city and international music tours, corporate shuttle work, or global repatriations, etc.) Our team is trained to execute domestic and global travel plans so our clients can fly without limitations.

Genuine Outliers


The commitment to our members has enabled Outlier to become one of the most trusted sources in the private aviation industry.
Our members quickly realize that the Outlier Team is a trusted partner and the importance of maintaining this relationship is at the core of our company values. After decades of working in the aviation industry, Outlier’s management team has gained the trust of a wide array of clients:

  • 01
    Government agencies, including current and former Presidents of the United States
  • 02
    Professional sports teams and individual athletes in the NHL/PGA/MLB/NBA/NCAA
  • 03
    Performing musicians and artists
  • 04
    Leading business executives

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