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Why Outlier?

With Outlier Jets, you will engage with a team of aviation professionals who value efficiency and the importance of family and friends. The team is committed to providing an outstanding experience for you and your family.

To successfully operate within such a challenging industry, there is no substitute for decades of experience in the aviation, intelligence and national defense industries. Outlier’s management and advisory board have extensive “working knowledge” within the industry and leverage this proprietary expertise to benefit our members.

About Us
Outlier Jets

Creating a Culture of Safety

Creating a “culture of safety” means going above and beyond what is required. Our team will always hold our decision-making to a higher standard to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry’s best practices.

Safety comes first and always will. Every single decision is made with safety in mind. Our executive team of industry veterans is bolstered by our Independent Safety Advisory Board. Together we build, uphold and challenge all safety standards to meet or exceed FAA requirements. This includes thoroughly reviewing every aircraft, crew member, mission, and contingency planning. By focusing on every level of detail, our team can optimize our operational efficiency and our ability to prepare for a wide array of scenarios.

At Outlier Jets, due diligence is the foundation of our safety program. As a result, the Outlier Team maintains a zero-incident history, and our program provides safer and more reliable flights for our clients.

Outlier Jets

Outlier Commitment

Only 10% of the FAA registered and legal air carriers meet Outlier’s required benchmarks. Generally speaking, the FAA sets compliance “minimums” for Air Carriers to adhere to vs identifying what may foster a safety culture. We firmly believe that FAA compliance is only one factor when reviewing an aircraft or pilot’s history. Outlier maintains non-negotiable standards for clean operating histories, aircraft age, and liability insurance levels. All aircraft and pilots are pre-vetted using Outlier’s stringent requirements and are re-evaluated prior to every mission. Our safety team conducts verification and analysis using additional data inputs from the FAA, DOT, FlightSafety, ICAO, EASA, and NTSB. Our goal is simple, to provide our clients with access to the absolute best aircraft and pilots for their mission.

Outlier further supplements our specialized due-diligence system with third-party audits performed by Wyvern Consulting Ltd. and ARGUS International Inc. Both are leaders in aviation safety auditing, consulting, and information services. Our safety protocol includes running ARGUS TripCHEQ or a Wyvern PASS report for all of our client’s flights. These audits verify a pilot’s currency, background checks, and experience data.

Outlier Jets

Exceptional Pilots Only

Outlier considers pilot flight time a vital benchmark when determining their expertise. Research by the NTSB has shown that accident rates decrease by nearly half once a pilot reaches 100 hours of flight time and continues to decrease thereafter. Outlier does not engage pilots that do not meet minimum flight times and our strict experience guidelines.