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Sell a jet

Outlier Jets captures the strengths of your aircraft with professional photography, narratives, and marketing materials. Our sales and marketing teams custom tailor the correct amount of exposure to match your offering, utilizing both traditional and evolving marketing channels to properly showcase your aircraft to targeted audiences throughout the industry.
Sell a jet

As an integral part of our marketing campaign, Outlier Jets professionals mine our proprietary network of major financial institutions, aviation attorneys, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft management companies, fractional providers, fellow firms in the industry, and other industry professionals to locate the optimal buyer for your aircraft and facilitate a seamless transaction once the deal has been made.

With extensive experience involving virtually all types of corporate aircraft, from ultra-long-range Boeing Business Jets to Cessna Citations, our professionals are prepared for the intricacies of any type of transaction.
Our methodical approach towards the sale of our clients’ aircraft is the key to a successful transaction. From start to finish, our focus is on strategy, mitigation of your risks and a collaborative approach. The sale of your aircraft includes the following steps:

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We will physically inspect your aircraft and its records and gather all data necessary (with the help of your aviation staff in most cases) to represent the aircraft effectively. Professional photographs will be taken.


We represent our clients’ aircraft exclusively with a written agreement. This ensures that we are acting as your advocate, and we have a vested interest in selling your aircraft for the best price and under the best terms.


A thorough market analysis will be performed and presented to you for review. This review will overlay valuable market data and insight onto your specific aircraft, and we collaboratively discuss this with you. We will discuss strategy regarding the asking price, expectations, and how much time may be required in our estimation to meet your goals. Only after this collaboration is the aircraft introduced to the market. Educating our clients is an integral part of the entire process, in our opinion.


We have experienced technicians who can represent your interests on-site (if desired) during a buyer’s pre-purchase inspection. This protection of your interests and mitigation of your risk is part of the strategic and collaborative approach we can offer you.


We can coordinate with your counsel and help conclude the transaction.