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The Appeal of Private Jet Cards: 10 Reasons Why Consumers Keep Choosing Them

The Appeal of Private Jet Cards: 10 Reasons Why Consumers Keep Choosing Them

Guaranteed Availability with Fixed Hourly Rates 

Private jet card programs offer clients guaranteed access to private jets, typically with fixed hourly rates. This streamlines booking, eliminating the necessity of reaching out to brokers or operators for every trip.  

Easy Booking 

Booking private jet travel through card programs is efficient, as clients can make reservations via phone, email, text message, or dedicated apps. This streamlined process saves valuable time compared to arranging individual charter flights.  

Rate Locks

Many jet card programs offer rate locks for extended periods, allowing customers to secure pricing stability for future flights. This predictability is particularly valuable for corporate travelers managing budgets.  

Guaranteed Recovery at No Extra Cost

In the event of flight cancellations by the operator, certain private jet card providers go the extra mile to arrange for a replacement aircraft at no additional expense to the cardholder. This service can save travelers significant costs and stress.  

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Private jet card programs typically offer flexible cancellation policies, allowing members to cancel with relatively short notice without incurring penalties. This flexibility is highly appreciated when travel plans unexpectedly change.

Occupied Hours Pricing

Some private jet card programs charge clients only for the actual flight time, excluding costs associated with repositioning flights. This cost-effective approach can result in savings, particularly when traveling to less common destinations.

Peak Day Price Guarantees

On peak travel days, certain jet card programs have minimal surcharges or extended booking windows, providing a degree of cost predictability during busy periods.


While private aviation often involves numerous additional fees, some jet card programs include various services and fees in the hourly rate, simplifying budgeting for travelers.

Pet-Friendly Options

For travelers with furry companions, specific private jet card programs offer guarantees that pets can travel at the contracted rate, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Lifestyle Perks 

Many jet card programs offer lifestyle perks and partnerships, enhancing the travel experience with exclusive discounts, luxury services, and additional value-added benefits. In these uncertain financial times for private aviation, managing your finances responsibly when considering private jet travel is vital. Be cautious of membership programs that prioritize profit over your satisfaction. At Outlier Jets, we uphold rigorous accounting practices and maintain internal banking procedures that exceed industry standards. Prepaid funds are managed as liabilities on our balance sheet and held in dedicated accounts. Notably, Outlier Jets stands out as the only company in the market offering a fully refundable jet card, providing peace of mind to those who use private air travel.
Make an informed choice - Choose a jet card provider that aligns with your values.